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Kitchen move and makeover

After these clients had just finished the exterior of their home, they asked us to raise the ceilings and transform the interior. We accepted the challenge and had the trusses re-engineered to raise the ceiling to a vault in the area where we wanted to move the kitchen. The result was a complete transformation of the once dated home into… Read more →

Banana River Renovation

A home built by his Dad in the ’70s needed a huge facelift… The tenant left it a mess and they decided to remodel and add a bathroom as well as change the facade. We needed to accomplish this as soon as [ossible, so they could move in with their little family, and we got them occupancy sooner than expected.… Read more →

The Tiny Bath remodel

Well, we had a little problem… ending up being a BIG problem. The plumbing was from the ’40s and was deteriorated to the point of collapse. The walls were squishy and fixtures were wobbly. After we took everything down to the bones, we were able to rebuild. And rebuild we did. This bathroom went from an absolute train wreck to… Read more →

Cottage by the sea

This makeover of what used to be the rectory of an old church created an ideal cottage for a lovely couple. The views are outstanding, and since completing this build, they are dreaming of a possible annex building. The plans are ready, we’ll see if they want to move forward and if so, we will feature another video of the… Read more →

The Riverhouse Remodel

Sometimes the perfect location comes with a house that’s less than desirable. That was the case for this family when they purchased this home with one of the best river views around. The basic room layout the home was “ok” but the owners definitely wanted to update the layout to accommodate their large family. We used large custom barn doors… Read more →

Dream Kitchens

Just for fun, I created this video to stir up interest in Kitchen Remodels. It worked. Pictured in this video is a mix of work we have done and inspirational photos. If you are planning on a kitchen remodel, this is the best way to steer us and the kitchen designer we employ towards the kitchen of your dreams. One… Read more →

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