Custom Home Design by Trade Wind Builders

Plan drawings for new custom homes and renovation projects are all completed in-house by Trade Wind Builders.

TWB is familiar with the local ordinances of the different municipalities in our area including Merritt Island, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, & Cape Canaveral.

Custom Home Design

Our custom designs start with first understanding your needs and desires and then establishing a realistic budget. We tailor custom home plans to fit your property, taking full advantage of views, accessibility, or other important aspects of the lot.

Our renovation projects are started by drawing the existing layout, then listening to and understanding the client’s wishes for the modifications. (While keeping in mind any limitations). Next, restrictions placed on the property such as parking requirements, site drainage, fire codes, and other code-compliant items are defined, understood, and implemented into the custom design. In order to submit our plan, we have several professional engineers who will advise us and check our plan details for submission to the appropriate building department.

Additionally, by having the custom designs in our system, we can better choreograph the project when changes are needed, eliminating any third-party involvement and saving weeks of downtime. Between the reduction in errors and the increased turn-around time for modifications, our savings are great enough that we can offer our designs at little or no cost to our clients.

Our design/build offer is simple. If you select us to do your design work, we will work with you to create your custom plan. If you select Trade Wind Builders, your custom designs are included in our pricing. If you select another contractor, the plans are available to you at our direct cost. We do not include any of our time, only the hours involved by our designer, and the fees submitted by the PE. 

Put us to the challenge. You will find our pricing very competitive, thanks to our management skills, large volume buying power, and the use of skilled, insured, and licensed subcontractors.

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