Dream Kitchens

Just for fun, I created this video to stir up interest in Kitchen Remodels. It worked. Pictured in this video is a mix of work we have done and inspirational photos. If you are planning on a kitchen remodel, this is the best way to steer us and the kitchen designer we employ towards the kitchen of your dreams. One of the first questions we ask will be about your budget. Be realistic. If you are planning on moving your plumbing around, here in Florida that means tearing up the slab. If you have old cast iron pipes (houses from the '60s and prior) most likely you will be replacing all the waste pipes...all the way to the curb. We will suggest layouts that may have a better flow, or you may have the exact design already prepared. Either way, let us help you to see this through. Redesigning a kitchen improves your home equity substantially.

A kitchen makeover for a young family

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