Your first question:

What is the price per square foot?

Simply, in our business, it doesn’t work that way. For us, it’s an impossible question to answer without a lot more information and detail, and one that can only be derived once the house is finished and all costs have been accounted for. Before that, It’s like asking “How much does a vacation cost?” without first knowing where and for how long you plan to go, and by what means of transportation, among other considerations.

The fact is, the details (and therefore the cost) of every house is different, and the cost of your house is entirely up to you, Not your builder. (even those built by large volume builders)

Only you know how much you can afford and what you want in your new home. It’s our job to apply our experience to detail your wants and needs and then build a home that meets or exceeds those expectations while remaining within your defined budget.

That’s why it is so important to determine and then share your budget with us from the first moment you select us to build your home. Budget information should precede any talk of contracts or actual construction.

Let’s use “The Vacation” analogy, we are like a travel agent working with you to plan a trip. Your vacation experience and cost will differ based on transportation, length of travel, accommodation levels, etc. etc.

Still… The square foot cost question persists. The list of variables is vast, and we are happy to discuss them with you and explain how they might impact the cost of your new home. But in our opinion, it is short-sighted to ask upfront what our homes cost per square foot, and certainly to base one of the most important decisions of your life on that question alone.

Better we think, to get a full understanding of our process and expertise and marry those skills with what you can afford and want and need in a new home to achieve your goals.

Once your permitting application is approved the construction process can begin. In this area, we take pride in saying that we have, what I feel, is the best team of employees and subcontractors of any local custom home builder. From permitting to construction, we have the knowledge and experience to construct and complete your custom home in a quality manner, timely and efficient. We always keep our customers involved throughout construction and listen to their needs and concerns; we help with any modifications that they may wish to make along the way. It is our Design / Build approach that sets Trade Wind Builders apart from other custom home builders.

During construction, Trade Wind Builders will assist you in selecting items needed to complete your custom home, always trying to maintain the original budget and design intent. From roof shingles to doors, bath fixtures to towel bars, kitchen cabinets to flooring, every detail can be selected with the assistance of our team of professional vendors.

When the construction of the custom home is complete, the staff at Trade Wind Builders will always be available to listen to you and make sure all your needs have been met. At TWB we believe that Customer Service is just as important as superior quality when building a custom home.

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